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American Princess and the Storywrens

Nathaniel, Forrest and Shawna in the control room

Summit Studios for the pre-record

Jenji Kohan, Jamie Denbo and Tara Herrman are producing their new show, "American Princess". It is set at the Renaissance Fair. We were thrilled to be asked to perform in the pilot episode. Jamie is a long time faire participant and her story arrises from personal experience. While we were on set she kindly shared with us how much she loved the faire and that she wanted to provide an authentic representation of the scene. That she did. The set was uncanny including back stage and camping areas...though I did note that their faire had a sign for "Showers" which I haven't seen since Blackpoint!

Through long years of loving movies and being musicians, we've noticed how rarely musicians depicted even seem to know how to hold the instruments they are playing. American Princess producers wanted to show the real thing! American Princess's music composer, Gwendolyn Sanford came to our show and asked us to be a part of this project. We set up a pre-record date at Summit Studios in Altadena. The producers asked for two drinking songs. Mark quickly set to work and found an authentic "harvest home" song called "Drink Lads, Drink" along with the producers first choice "The Flowing Bowl". We quickly arranged these for Storywrens and went to work. Both Forrest and Nathaniel were able to join us for this project! The video of Vickie finishing up the pre-record on tambourine was as Mark put it, "one of the sexiest things I've seen in a long time".

The filming followed a few days later. Here are just a couple of photos from the set, careful of course not to disclose any of the images yet under wraps.

Along with asking us to play, they are planning to include many of our faire family including Norrich Waits, the Ortfarie's Fred McCall, and others....can't say quite yet but there are sure to be familiar faces!

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