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Folk instruments, history and song

The Story Wrens offer educational concerts with history and hands-on demonstration.   

Offering programs for schools​

This educational and entertaining assembly program begins with the story of Sir Eglamore and the Dragon.  This narrative poem, adapted and set to music, is from the year 1615.   We follow with silly sea songs that include some audience participation.  Songs of the harvest or a madrigal can illustrate the connection between the people of the time and the world they lived in.  We not only retell these tales through music and play the folk instruments, we speak the language of the time, deeply know the history, clothing and even the dances.  Depending on the number of children, we offer a Q&A session and might even teach a song, dance or have the students run their hands along the strings.


Bring Renaissance England
to your retirement community

For this lively 45-minute program, we arrive in colorful costume and tell a bit about the history and folk music of the time.  We demonstrate instruments, including fiddle, Celtic harp, whistle and dulcimer.  

Hands on harps and history

Shawna offers a harp program with up to ten Celtic harps available for students to try.  This thirty-minute program includes a brief history and introductory music lesson.  Set up is easy and students may rotate to accommodate classes as needed.  


In this photo, Shawna and colleague Aedan offer a "harp petting zoo" and workshop at a Scottish Festival.

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